Beer goes with Oktoberfest like Oktoberfest goes with beer.

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Get your lederhosen and dirndl dresses ready because on the 4th, 5th, 6th and7th of October, the Kompaan Craft Beer Bar will be transformed in to a real Beergarten!


You can now book half (seating 4 people) or full (seating 8 people) tables. Asthere is a maximum of tables available, so make sure to book yours in time!

Starter food package € 28,50 p.p.
When booking your table, you’re required to book the starter food package foreveryone at your table. This package will give you 3 food vouchers, one forevery food corner that will be on site. Vegetarian? No problem, we’ve got youcovered, just mentioned this in your booking.
Food corners:
- Traditional German sausages.
- Grilled half chicken.
- Flammenkuchen.
- Pretzels.

Extra food and beer vouchers can be bought on location.

We will have our special Oktoberfest beer and our signature Bocks fall beeravailable per 0,5L. 3 to 5 other specials will be on tap with the same pricesetting.

Options to pre-book:
- Oktoberfest beer cask = 38 x 0,5L       €228 Pre-book price € 200,-
- Bocks beer cask = 38 x 0,5L                €342 Pre-book price € 300,-
- 10x Oktoberfest beer voucher 0,5L      €60,- Pre-book price € 57,50
- 10x Bocks beer voucher 0,5L               €90,- Pre-book price € 87,50
- 1x Oktoberfest beer voucher 0,5L        €6,-
- 1x Bocks beer voucher 0,5L                 €9,-

Oktoberfest rules:
- To book a table, fill out the names of your crew and select which drinks youwould like to book in advance. Be aware: minimum requirement to book a table isgetting the food vouchers for the whole crew (4 or 8).

- If you don’t know all names at the time of booking, you can add them later.You have until 24h before the event takes place to finalize this.

- To make sure we can get the party properly started, the doors will open 30minbefore the official event starting time.

- To make sure we don’t end up with empty tables and no-shows, we ask you toarrive within the table booking time frame mentioned on your ticket. If (partof) your crew, has not shown up after this time, your table will be opened upto people on the waiting list and no refunds will be made.
Times: thursday before 18:30, friday before 18:30, saturday before 17:30,sunday before 15:30.

- If booking a half table (4 people), you will be seated with another group of4.

- Lederhosen and dirndl dresses are not required but are highly encouraged andwill give you the chance to win prizes!