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The Battles Royale
tough act to follow...

The Kompaan Battles Royale is our follow-up series to the 'Secret Handshakes'.
After we completed this series, our hunger for exciting IPA's and NEIPA's was FAR from over...

Enter the Battles Royale.

our critically acclaimed hop-forward series

A new hop forward beer series embracing the superpowers of hops and bitterness. We do this by symbolizing different hop varieties as epic ocean entities roaming around in and around our 'Thuishaven' (Home port) brewery. Set in an epic battle scene bringing out the best in each other when it comes to taste experiences and freshness.

New Round Each Month

The beers in this series are divided into ROUNDS. All hop varieties are dedicated to different sea beasts and they will be making recurring appearances. Who will be the victor? And who will win the heart of our fanbase?

A new Battle Royale is released every month so keep your eyes peeled for your favorite one!

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