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Tommy Double Barrel

cherry barleywine, barrel aged on Laphroaig [whiskey] & rum

Tommy Double Barrel

Barrel aged on Laphroaig Whiskey & Rum

“I’ll be back” is the last thing he said when he went AWOL in 2019. He’s proven himself as a fixed value and the toughest one in our Legion, and it’s a reputation he’s determined to uphold. As a long time veteran he’s the only one resilient enough to undergo a double barrel aged training and he’s more than happy to show you what he’s all about...



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Foreign Legion

hops & glory 2021

Six new characters entering the scene. Reintroducing two double time veterans, a long lost family member and three new S.O.B’s. This is a story that started 365 days ago, let’s see how it is going to end…

This Month's Specials

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Battles Royale


The Kompaan BATTLES ROYALE series is a never ending bout between the freshest and most exciting hops set in an epic 44 cl. arena. We release new ones with lightning speed so keep your guard up and you’ll never miss one.

Lager Tales

In the beginning...

There's more than meets the eye with our new beer series. Follow our Lager Tales and become a Lager expert in no time!

Foreign Legion 2020


Six brand new Foreign Legionairs. Basic training is over. Time to kick some ass. These tough S-O-B’s are ready to hit the Field.


a joint crusade

Welcome to the friend zone, these are the protagonists we brought to life with our fellow brothers and sisters in the brewing game.

The Core Range

Unusual suspects

Our first beer series. The Kompaan Bondgenoot (no 20.) is the first beer we brewed in our own kitchen. It's the beer that spawned our drive to create new flavours and gave birth to our own ideas about craft beer. Pretty soon the Kameraad Hoppy Pilsner and the Handlanger Double IPA followed. In 2015 the Badgast joined the Core Range. The Bloedbroeder Russian Imperial Stout is the most decorated beer in our whole range and was awarded "Best Dutch Beer of 2017", making KOMPAAN a household name in the Dutch craft beer landscape.



It's that time of year again: scorching heat waves, blistering cold winters, early spring barbecues: these are our go-to recipes for each season.


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Pastry Stouts


The original working title of this series is called "Blubberdikkejetsers", and although this name isn't the most poetic, it certainly captures the true spirit of these beers! Muddy, thick & heavy - these beers are easy substitutes for a hearty dessert or a colourful birthday cake.

Foreign Legion 2019

Hops & Glory

Reinforcements have arrived! They are the cream of the crop! The absolute allies! Our ELITE FORCE! Boldly brewed by the Kompaan brewers and heavily reinforced with barrels. This is the dawn of a new era for our Foreign Legion! These are not your sissy boys ‘n girls. They're serious powerlifters. Dark as the night. And we made sure they will make a lasting memory on all serious craft beer enthusiasts!

Foreign Legion: M.I.A.

Hops and Glory!

As we we're told, some might go M.I.A... These are the Legionairs of the past.

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