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Curfew Challenger
Curfew Challenger
The Last-Minute Weizen

There’s a time and a place for almost any beer, and this one is best served cold at your friends place – around 8:30.. now that’s a challenge: finishing your beer ánd making it home before the 9 pm curfew. if you fail, don’t despair
be nice to the officials because we’ve got you covered. You’ve been working very hard after all >>>>> *Scan QR*

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For the 3rd time, the Beer Geeks and Dutch brewers are joining forces to brew a beer for the ALS Foundation Netherlands.
our new beer series: learning by drinking :)
Get your craft beer. Safe distances apply. Pay by [credit/bank]card.
Planning on driving, jumping rings of fire or wrestling grizzly bears? We Recommend having a Stunt Double.
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