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Howdy Folks! Gathering all lovers of quality and meat. Every Friday, Farmer John travels down to Kompaan's brewery with his tractor. This is where he comes to pick up the bins of spent grain we have left over after the brewing process. He takes these bins of spent grain to his farm in Zoeterwoude. This is where the story unfolds. On "Hoeve Ons Genoege," Farmer John takes care of all the animals in his dairy & cattle farm. A beautiful farm with big green meadows that portrait the typical Dutch landscape, but above all a valued family business where beautiful products are produced with love.

At Kompaan, we believe that working hand in hand should be number one priority. After all, there is nothing like knowing the story behind your food. To let everyone make a more conscious decision in what we consume, we proudly present: Farm To Fork. Farm to Fork takes you along the story of companies that make a significant impact within the food industry, combined with our beers. A no-nonsense dining experience with a local story.

Prepare for a four-course dinner at Binnenhaven with matching beers and a story that matters! The price of €85,- includes a four-course dinner and matching beers. Book your spot!

- Tuesday 28th of february
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30 April 2023

Grand-Prix – Azerbaijan

Formula 1
Grand-Prix – Azerbaijan
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01 July 2023
2PM - 10PM


Independence day
When was the last time? 2019? This year, Kompaan Beer Fest is coming back! 10 national and internati...

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