Are you of legal drinking age?

To all the Boys, Girls, Kompanen: let’s do it ONE. MORE. TIME.

As long as this **&(%^%$# lockdown situation keeps dragging on we’re in dire need of some good times with friends. So we’ve got another livestream lined up. Yes, another livestream, but this is the one guys. [The bitter end]. On the 6th of March we’re all getting HIGH ON HOPS! Chucked to the brim with the hoppiest, and NEW Kompaan beers. Introducing our new Core Range Member: Juicy Joker, on CANS! This will be the livestream to end all livestreams. After this we’re gonna meet each other in the bar, in the restaurant, in the club, like we’re supposed to be. But until that time…

…We’ve got 5 hoppy, hoppier and hoppiest Kompaan beers (33cl & 44cl) we are going to taste together!

★ Juicy Joker [33cl can] Our new Reckless NEIPA!

★ Levensgenieter [33cl bottle] Our Good Times Classico

★ Golfbreker [33cl bottle], our Horeca -still closed…- Pale Ale!

★ Secret Handshake #6 [44cl can] Double Neipa double dry-hopped: TRI2304CR hops

★ Secret Handshake #7 [44cl can] Double Neipa double dry-hopped: Galaxy

★★ Plus you get two, much sought-after and often nicked 😏, ‘HOPS & GLORY’ Pint glasses!

…We’ve got some nice food pairings lined up to counterbalance your bitter and shrivelled tastebuds! Our head chef will notify you in advance.

…We’ve got some fun special guests lined up: The night mayor of The Hague, Pat Smith will join us!

…We’ve got some nice live music to accompany us all night. Yello Fox will take care of us!

…We’re including a free OPEN BREWERY DAY ticket in our tasting pack! To be held somewhere after the lockdown. You’re invited!

…We’ve got our hands on an old school bingo machine, so expect lots of prizes to be won. Your personal bingo card is included in the tasting kit.

So mark Saturday March 6th with a big fat cross. We’re starting at 20:00 and we will end when the band stops playing [so you better clear your schedule!]

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