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Into The Unkown
Into The Unknown
A new unforgettable experience

Into The Unknown came to life in collaboration with local DJ talent. While enjoying a beer, you will be taken along the tunes of a fine selection of local DJ's every week.

To kick off Into The Unknown, a fine selection of DJs will host a night while you can dance between the kettles of the brewery. Come by with friends and enjoy the unexpected experience.

Date: 2-12-2022
Time: 9PM TILL 4AM
Entrance: Free

More News
A new experience in collaboration with local DJ-talent!
This year the Dutch national team will compete again for the World Cup, and we will broadcast it on a big screen in Binnenhaven!!
this year’s crew consist of SIX roguish, but tough-as-nails PIRATES!
Vind een van de Kompaan barbecues op het strand van Scheveningen en win!!
We hebben elkaar in de zoektocht naar verrijking en smaakbeleving helemaal gevonden
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