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Lager tales #1: A smoked vienna lager
more than meets the eye

In 2020 we invested a serious amount of time in the development of a completely new Kompaan beer series, which is now ready to hit the shelves: Six outspoken lagers designed by our brew team. We’re kicking it off with a Smoked Vienna Lager. A beer that’s equally complex ánd easy to enjoy. The Lager is a historical and beautiful beer style that’s just very underrated in the Dutch Craft Beer Landscape. So there’s a mission there! We’ve always had a lager in our Core Range beers: The Kompaan Kameraad, but now it’s time to kick it up a notch and with six new lagers on the horizon let’s see where this style will take us in 2021!

Besides creating six super nice beers we’re also going to entertain you with all the know-how and facts and figures [either useful or not] we know about this style! There is quite literally - see what we did there - more than meets the eye with these cans, find out for yourself! By the way, did we mention that already? This is the first beer series by Kompaan that’s completely released on cans!

Lager Tales

In the beginning...

There's more than meets the eye with our new beer series. Follow our Lager Tales and become a Lager expert in no time!


Our new cans are filled to the brim with tasty lagers, but also a lot of professional jargon. As we try to put as much fun and quirky facts on our labels, some aspects of the brewing proces are just too technical to explain on a label. But we wouldn’t want to leave you in the dark, you nosey lager enthusiast! So here’s our ever expanding lager lexicon you can find on our labels, provided by our brewer Johan:

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