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Foreign Legion 2021 – PRE-ORDER

Foreign Legion 2021 - PRE-ORDER

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. Unfortunately it is NOT possible to PRE-ORDER for pick-up.

Included in this pre-order are 6x33cl beers (complete series 1 of each)

In a tough year with lots of hardship and challenges these legionnaires are going through the toughest boot camp you can imagine. Extensive barrel aged training made these heavy hitters up for any challenge in a post-Corona world. We’re happy to announce that within this bunch of rugged S.O.B’s two veterans are returning on the scene: Tommy Double Barrel and Johnny Thunder! The other four are classified as their training is still in progress. Over the next few months you will learn more about ‘em and the special ops we’ve got in store. Order ‘em now so you don’t miss out!

The Foreign Legion

Release: November 2021
Availability: Very Limited!


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