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Quality Issues

We aim to surprise and have craft beer enthusiasts enjoy our beers. So much so that they would also want to share our beer with their friends.

Unfortunately, we have found that bottles of beer with too high oxygen values ​​have entered the market

These beers lose their intended taste and the beer also becomes discolored. This is not in line with our brand promise.

Kompaan uses a bottle filling line with a 12-cup filler. Two of the 12 cups did not function properly. This did not show up during the quality samples.

Quality control has since then been intensified and all technical problems have been resolved.

If you come across a beer that does not meet our brand promise, we ask you to report to Please also include a photo of the bottle and beer. We would also like to know the batch code so that we can further professionalize our quality system.

We will provide a suitable replacement for your product so that you can also enjoy our beautiful beers.

Best regards,

Jasper and Jeroen

Quality Issues
Quality Issues
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