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Running With Scissors
Running With Scissors: The Making of a Lobster Saison

We've embarked on the greatest beer brewing adventure yet… In collaboration with United Fish Auctions, we have brewed a Saison with Lobster!

We have wanted to do this for years. Ever since we have tasted a lobster beer at a beer-festival in Italy, we wanted to make such a special and unique beer in the Netherlands too.

This has now become a reality in collaboration with United Fish Auctions, which operates the fish auctions in Scheveningen and Stellendam and the lobster auction in Colijnsplaat.



And not just any lobster…

At the beginning of July, we went to Zeeland to catch the last lobsters of the season for the new beer ourselves and learn everything about the famous Oosterschelde Lobster.

The mayor of The Hague Jan van Zanen was briefly present at the start of the brewing process. He complimented everyone on the special collaborative project - in these current, challenging times - within the city limits of The Hague from Scheveningen to Binckhorst.

The beer was brewed according to a classic beer style - a Saison - to which we gave this experimental twist… Strive for a beer with a nice balance of the sweetness of the Oosterschelde lobster and the spicyness of the Saison.

And not one bit of it went to waste! After brewing, the lobsters were handed over by our lead-brewer to our chef cook who has prepared this amazing sea-food feast for the guests and crew.

Running With Scissors
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