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Kompanen, unfortunately we still find ourselves in a whole lot of BIG FAT IMPERIAL TROUBLE. Our dream has always been to achieve a sizeable brewery in The Hague. And we were well on our way to accomplish that dream! Over the years we’ve invested a lot into accomplishing our goal. Lots of long nights, sweat, hard work and literally blood has been put into this crazy craft beer company of ours. But also: more than €1.000.000 is invested in it. But then corona happened, and now this dream has become very shaky. As Kompaan, we firmly believe in a healthy collaboration with [local] bars and restaurants. Over 70% of our business is processed within this sector. This business was all swept away over the course of one weekend. Next to that we also have our own craft beer bar that had to be closed immediately. However, our tanks were full of crazy new recipes and ideas, but with nowhere to go things are looking very gloomy for Kompaan at the moment.


So it’s pretty clear that we need solution to get out of this crisp and hoppy mess, and we think we found one in the form of a 75 cl. bottle. It’s called the Kompaan Saviour, because that’s what we need right now: Saviours! And you can become one. We’re calling upon your support one more time.

Saviours: will you help us out in this difficult and trying time?


The Kompaan Saviour is a 75 cl. Fresh Imperial Saison of 9% with kaffir lime. It’s yet to be produced and internally it’s dubbed the ‘Kompaan Rescue Bottle.' We're still nowhere near where we want to be in this corona crisis, but this bottle could be our gamechanger! It’s being made for all KOMPANEN who are setting sail with us through this storm of uncertainty! If we sell 3500 bottles this will generate a revenue of €100.000, that's what we need to keep this Craft Beer Company of us going. By buying a Kompaan saviour you will automatically join the Kompaan Saviours, and there's something else to that title!



By ordering the Kompaan Saviour you will receive the 75 cl. Kompaan Saviour Imperial Saison and join our group of Saviours. 3500 bottles of Kompaan Saviour will be produced, therefore there can be only 3500 Saviours. Because we are so heartfelt by all your support - to keep Kompaan going - every one of you will be honoured and will have their NAME ENGRAVED FOREVER into a custom made Saviours artwork of 250 x 400 cm which will be placed in our bar. That’s right - you will be a part of Kompaan forever!

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