Tastes like more

Tastes like more

Surprising flavors stimulate and pique curiosity. That’s why Kompaan and the New European Ensemble have joined forces. Experience this exclusive tasting of beers and new music in a unique location amidst the brewing tanks. For each beer (including 2 premieres), a new composition is selected that complements the ingredients and taste. Allow yourself to be surprised and book quickly, as there are only 70 spots available!

Kompaan x
New European Ensemble

Tastes like more









“Tastes Like More” offers an evening full of flavor, music, and friendship. Our goal is to introduce guests to modern music styles in an unusual yet captivating way, perfectly complementing the taste, ingredients, and background of the chosen special beers. This unique combination will tantalize both your taste buds and your ears.

The evening’s program includes a special concert experience amidst the brewery’s kettles, allowing guests to savor different flavors during a beer pairing. This night features several premieres: 2 new beers and new pieces of music that are rarely heard in the Netherlands. During the event, an expert will provide explanations about the beer and the music selection, followed by the opportunity for guests to taste the beer and enjoy the live music performance of 4 artists. The entire program will last approximately 1.5 hours, immersing guests in a unique and enchanting atmosphere.


Kompaan Brewery, Saturnusstraat 55, Den Haag
Saturday 23th of September, 7:30PM
€49.50 – Concert & Beer tasting
Only 70 spots available, seating at one long table!

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