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The Foreign Legion 2020
The Foreign Legion 2020

They're back!! Our holy grail for the serious craft beer enthusiast. Beastly barrel aged heavy hitters. We're already working on our new legion for this year (all barrels are filled) and this year you - our fans - helped us decide with the final selection.

So what merry bunch of misfits did we end up with?
We don't know what they're all called yet but we know what they are:

1. An IJSBOCK of 25%, Barrel aged on Heavenhill Bourbon
(Suggested by Kelle, Bianca, Joyce, Marcel & Ricardo)

2. MIKA THE MEKANIK IMPERIAL STOUT 2020 - 12% Maple syrup & Peppers barrel aged on Heavenhill Bourbon
(Suggested by Kelle, Bianca, Joyce, Marcel & Ricardo)

3. MARIA MARGHERITA (concept pictured) a TEQUILA barrel aged IMPERIAL GOSE of 10%
(Suggested by Aad)

4. An IMPERIAL GOSE of 10% barrel aged on Dalmore barrels

5. TOMMY DOUBLE BARREL 2020, our classic double barrel aged strong ale. Barrel Aged on peated and no peated barrels

6. An IMPERIAL STOUT of 12% barrel aged with smoked plums
(Suggested by Mickal)

So there you have 'em! And you can PRE-ORDER your sixpack now so you make sure you get you hands on these very limited edition series.

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