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The Foreign Legion 2020
The Foreign Legion 2020

They're back!! Our holy grail for the serious craft beer enthusiast. Beastly barrel aged heavy hitters. It has been a crazy year with lots of ups and downs.
This also had its effect on our Foreign Legionnaires, our heavy hitting' barrel aged cream of the crop.

Confirmed K.I.A. are the barley twins, Timmy and Jimmy; Franka Feroz and Frankie Four Eyes. Mika Mekanik is told to be undercover in Belgium…

And Tommy Double Barrel: our toughest, and most decorated soldier. The cornerstone of the Legion and a three year veteran is Missing In Action.

His last known location is somewhere on the eastern seaboard of the USA, but since then word about him got eerily silent..

As we have demonstrated this year, the Kompaan brewery is not a place of despair, but one of dedication and encouragement. So without hesitation, and with fire in our heart, we ordered new barrels and drew up a new plan de campagne to get him back.

This resulted in six brand new Foreign Legionnaires in 2020, brave enough to take on such a momentous task.

Basic training is over. Time to kick some ass.
A new team has been assembled and they are ready to hit the Field:

Thunder, fire, smoke and ash: a smoked barley wine of 12%. An absolute powerhouse. Gets his name from his overwhelming presence in the field of battle.

Barrel aged for months but no one knows his true origin. Has seen battlefields all over the globe resulting in a mix and match cuvee of different beers and barrels with Brett.

This year's pitch black stealth soldier. Tough as nails and undefeated imperial stout of 9%. Barrel aged for 7 months on heaven hill bourbon barrels.

Jamaican buccaneer Petey Pegleg. Drunken boxing is his specialty. This must have something to do with a 7 month training of Jamaican Rum barrels.

Imperial Gose with lime and sea-salt barrel aged on Tequila barrels resulting in A latin femme fatale with lots of bark and bite and is not inferior to the most saltiest of dogs in the legion.

Our Scottish half sister to MARIA MARGERITA: They come from the same imperial goes with Lime and Sea salt but BLONDIE took a different career path with an extensive DALMORE barrel ageing process.

So here they are. Six new Foreign Legionnaires made only for our most hardened fans and experienced craft beer enthusiasts.

So there you have 'em! And you can PRE-ORDER your six pack now so you make sure you get your hands on these very limited edition series!


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