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For the 3rd time, the Beer Geeks and Dutch brewers are joining forces to brew a beer for the ALS Foundation Netherlands.
the campaign

It was overwhelming and heartwarming to see what the Dutch beer community can achieve when they all put their shoulders to the wheel. The Beer Geeks Beat ALS campaign, which was organized for the second time last year by the Facebook group "Beer Geeks", raised more than 109,000 euros. A awesome amount, which gives everyone involved a lot of inspiration and motivation to keep going!

our contribution
luka out of control

An English Barley wine with a relatively low alcohol percentage compared to other BWs, but kept the style. Cranberries added to the boil, giving it acidity and a deep purple color. Brewed in collaboration with Brouwerij de Molen, Crooked Spider, Brouwerij Voorschoten, Duits&Lauret, Eeuwig Zonde and KraftBier.

beer geeks als sixpack
where to buy

The time has finally come, the sale of the Beer Geeks Beat ALS six-pack has started on March 25! Despite corona, 57 breweries again committed themselves to charity this year. As a result, six-pack with a great variety of beer styles. Treat yourself to these beers and support a good cause at the same time. Because let's not forget, every euro counts for the research that is so desperately needed into the terrible disease ALS.

Below is an overview of all stores that sell the six-pack. Note: sales are going fast! Some outlets are already out of stock. Find the nearest outlet by following the link.

Let's talk lager!
Lager tales #1: A smoked vienna lager
more than meets the eye

In 2020 we invested a serious amount of time in the development of a completely new Kompaan beer series, which is now ready to hit the shelves: Six outspoken lagers designed by our brew team. We’re kicking it off with a Smoked Vienna Lager. A beer that’s equally complex ánd easy to enjoy. The Lager is a historical and beautiful beer style that’s just very underrated in the Dutch Craft Beer Landscape. So there’s a mission there! We’ve always had a lager in our Core Range beers: The Kompaan Kameraad, but now it’s time to kick it up a notch and with six new lagers on the horizon let’s see where this style will take us in 2021!

Besides creating six super nice beers we’re also going to entertain you with all the know-how and facts and figures [either useful or not] we know about this style! There is quite literally - see what we did there - more than meets the eye with these cans, find out for yourself! By the way, did we mention that already? This is the first beer series by Kompaan that’s completely released on cans!

Lager Tales

In the beginning...

There's more than meets the eye with our new beer series. Follow our Lager Tales and become a Lager expert in no time!


Our new cans are filled to the brim with tasty lagers, but also a lot of professional jargon. As we try to put as much fun and quirky facts on our labels, some aspects of the brewing proces are just too technical to explain on a label. But we wouldn’t want to leave you in the dark, you nosey lager enthusiast! So here’s our ever expanding lager lexicon you can find on our labels, provided by our brewer Johan:

[coming soon]

[coming soon]

[coming soon]

[coming soon]



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Thuishaven Bottleshop

Win your own discount in the Bierstraat and you can also spend it in our Bottleshop !! Every Saturday 12:00 – 18:00

Drive your car right through our warehouse, play games from your car to win your own discount on beer & merchandise! Finish with take-away Hotdogs, and we also have frozen Buffalo wings & Blood Broeder Bitterballen to deep fry at home!

Thuishaven Bottleshop

With regard to the current regulations, new house rules have been set up. We request that you read and comply with these. Thanks in advance and
enjoy your stay!

– Stay at home if you have a cold or flu symptoms
– A maximum of 4 customers at a time applies at all time! Please check before entering.
– Please disinfect your hands thoroughly upon arrival
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– Please always follow the instructions of our personnel
– We reserve the right to refuse guests if there we suspect you have a cold or you show symptoms of the flu
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– Bathroom is closed

You can find our Drive Through here:
Saturnusstraat 55, The Hague

Kompaan Merchandise
Breek de Tweede Golf met Kompaan
Kompaan Golfbreker
Breek de Tweede Golf met Kompaan

COVID19 zorgt wederom voor nieuwe beperkingen! De horeca sluit vroeger en consumenten zijn steeds slechter in staat om geld uit te geven in de horeca. Hierdoor loopt de omzet in de horeca terug en tevens de afzet van brouwerijen…

Wij zijn al jaren trouwe bondgenoten met al onze horeca partners en het doel van dit project is om hun te steunen. Zeker nu we inmiddels weer midden in de tweede golf van corona zitten..

Wederom hebben we elkaar hard nodig, want we zijn allemaal met elkaar verbonden: zonder consument geen horeca, zonder horeca geen brouwerij, zonder brouwerij geen bier… Als we 1 schakel elimineren komen de andere schakels direct in de problemen. Houd het ecosysteem alive and kicking!

We maken 3000 liter bier speciaal voor de horeca en verpakt in 12 packs. De Kompaan GOLFBREKER. We geven dit gratis weg. Wel omzet voor de horeca – maar geen kosten, dus 100% marge. Dit ter ondersteuning bij kortere verkoopmomenten i.v.m. vroege sluiting.

Het bier wordt beschikbaar gesteld aan bestaande klanten van Kompaan. Naast het bier wat we gratis weggegeven, wordt het bier tegen nagenoeg 0-marge aangeboden aan de kroegen/horeca voor verkoop.

Als het bier gebrouwen is wordt het ook beschikbaar gesteld voor consumenten via onze brouwerij webshop. Hiermee support de consument dan de actie van de brouwerij voor de horeca. En daarmee zijn we weer full circle!

Samen breken we de tweede golf! Elkaar helpen is nog nooit zo makkelijk geweest, cheers.

Curfew Challenger
The Last-Minute Weizen

There’s a time and a place for almost any beer, and this one is best served cold at your friends place – around 8:30.. now that’s a challenge: finishing your beer ánd making it home before the 9 pm curfew. if you fail, don’t despair
be nice to the officials because we’ve got you covered. You’ve been working very hard after all >>>>> *Scan QR*

The Foreign Legion 2020

The Kompaan Foreign Legion was formed in 2017.
It started out as a bunch of different beer styles from around the world infused with an experimental twist, and a lot of ‘em went M.I.A. over the years. That’s why every year around November we’re left with the six toughest, most hardened - mostly barrel aged - veterans fit for 
true hardcore craft beer enthusiasts. Enjoy & Beware!


A red headed amber coloured thunderbolt with a high and tight white army style foam head. Napalm style smokey and caramel aromas, and a little hint of stone fruit go well with his blunt character. He might taste sweet at first, with hints of red fruit and smoked meat, but will surprise you with a huge kick of smoke in his aftertaste.


She rocks an amber golden color, with a smooth white foam head. Of course there’s the thick tequila aroma, but taste a little further and you will discover tones of wood, lime and alcohol. She tastes salty, but also sports a good amount of citrus - that’s where her bite comes from. Overall she’ll leave you with a full sensation, and a long and tentative aftertaste.


Like Maria, she has an amber golden appearance. A fluffy broken white foam head matches her aromas of wood, lots of citrus and light whiskey malts.
She tastes just like her personality: salty & spiky, pay attention to her bittersweet whiskey tones. Fans of Blondie will be rewarded with a full mouthfeel and a long and salty aftertaste.


Pitch Black Imperial stout. We’re talking about Charlie so we’re talking Vantablack. Fit for the deepest covert operations. Only recognisable in the dark by his beige foam head. When encountering this smooth talker you will notice a lot of sweetness, oak and vanilla with a touch of bay leaf. He will completely wrap you around his fingers with a middle to long smooth aftertaste and a warm and full mouthfeel.


A dark buccaneer with a sandy foam head. Due to a Jamaican Rum habit he’s a little bit spicy and lightly alcoholic, with hints of burned sugar, but he tastes full, sweet and slightly peppery. This year’s oddball leaves you with a full mouthfeel and a looooooong alcohol aftertaste.

barrel aged brett cuvée

A Dark brown to black universal soldier with a beige foam head [‘91 Army Classic]. Heavy hitter with aromas of -blood-red fruits, cherries, white pepper and the original Brett horse-blanket. Tastes just like his personality: sour, with a lot of depth. Pay attention to the ester flavours with hints of red wine and bourbon. Mix this with some burnt malts and he’ll leave you with a light sparkling but full mouthfeel, that’s s weet and sour.


Planning on driving, jumping rings of fire or wrestling grizzly bears?
We Recommend having a Stunt Double. Our refreshing and rich Non Alcoholic IPA gets you through the toughest of challenges with style, flavor and without breaking a sweat!

Loads of Mosaic hops power its fruit-forward flavor – aromas of mango, stone fruits, limes and fresh herbs are present. Add that to a clean malt profile and a really crisp body – and you get the perfect, summery, low-alcohol IPA!

We invited Rinse to have a good time with us, and introduce our newest Core Range member in a most spectacular way! Keep an eye out on our socials for his cunning skills! And more than that, we will have some shenanigans with this wild one ourselves in the next couple of weeks!

The kompaan Stunt Double is the newest member of our kompaan core range:

The Core Range

Unusual suspects

Our first beer series. The Kompaan Bondgenoot (no 20.) is the first beer we brewed in our own kitchen. It's the beer that spawned our drive to create new flavours and gave birth to our own ideas about craft beer. Pretty soon the Kameraad Hoppy Pilsner and the Handlanger Double IPA followed. In 2015 the Badgast joined the Core Range. The Bloedbroeder Russian Imperial Stout is the most decorated beer in our whole range and was awarded "Best Dutch Beer of 2017", making KOMPAAN a household name in the Dutch craft beer landscape.

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