core range


Our first beer series. The Kompaan Bondgenoot (no 20.) is the first beer we brewed in our own kitchen. It’s the beer that spawned our drive to create new flavours and gave birth to our own ideas about craft beer. Pretty soon the Kameraad Hoppy Pilsner and the Handlanger Double IPA followed. In 2015 the Badgast joined the Core Range. The Bloedbroeder Russian Imperial Stout is the most decorated beer in our whole range and was awarded “Best Dutch Beer of 2017”, making KOMPAAN a household name in the Dutch craft beer landscape.

foreign legion


THEY’RE COMING… Our holy grail for the serious craft beer enthusiast. Six dark beastly beers! This year’s crew consist of SIX roguish, but tough-as-nails PIRATES! Five Barrel Aged, and One heavy hitter with a very special ingredient… In the course of the next few weeks we shall reveal all 6 crew members and their characters through epic tales of their adventures on the high seas…

battle royale


The Kompaan BATTLES ROYALE series is a never ending bout between the freshest and most exciting hops set in an epic 44 cl. arena. We release new ones with lightning speed so keep your guard up and you’ll never miss one.

specials / collabs


New beers, every month!

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