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Brouwen, proeven, ruiken, tweaken and repeat... En daar was hij. The ultimate Beer for the ultimate Beer Can Chicken: Firestarter. De frisse citrustonen, dankzij het gebruik van een Amerikaanse hop, vormen een ideale combinatie met de roasting taste van de kip uit je Big Green Egg.

Een edgy koud bier met een warm hart, die het vuur tussen jou en je vrienden aanwakkert en uitstekend tot z’n recht komt in de zinderende hitte van de Big Green Egg. So, Let’s Start a Fire!

De ultieme Beer Can Chicken? Die maak jij heel makkelijk zelf in je Big Green Egg met behulp van de Firestarter Beer Can Chicken Package. Sappig, vol van smaak en een perfecte match met Firestarter bier, speciaal gebrouwen door Kompaan Dutch Craft Beer Company. Onze Executive Chef Michèl Lambermon ontwikkelde speciaal een uitgebalanceerde pekel- en specerijenmelange om jouw Beer Can Chicken een boost te geven.


1 biologische kip van ca. 1 kg
1 l koud water
1 Firestarter Beer Can Chicken Package
½ el olijfolie






  1. Leg de kip in een passende bak. Breng 100 milliliter van het water aan de kook. Haal de pan van het vuur en los de pekelmix uit de Firestarter Beer Can Chicken Package in het hete water op.
  2. Meng het koude water en twee derde van een blikje Firestarter bier door de opgeloste pekel; de rest van het blikje Firestarter bier houd je apart, dit heb je tijdens de bereiding nodig. Schenk de pekel bij de kip. Zorg ervoor dat deze volledig onder staat en laat 2 uur in de koelkast pekelen.


  1. Steek de houtskool in de Big Green Egg aan en verwarm met de convEGGtor en de Stainless Steel Grid tot een temperatuur van 200 °C. Haal de kip uit de pekel en dep deze rondom droog.
  2. Schenk intussen het restant uit het blikje Firestarter bier in het blanco blikje uit de Firestarter Beer Can Chicken Package en plaats deze in de Beer Can Chicken Roaster. Plaats de kip over deze houder en wrijf de huid in met de olijfolie. Wrijf de kip vervolgens in met de rub uit de Firestarter Beer Can Chicken Package en plaats de houder in de Cast Iron Skillet Small.
  3. Plaats de skillet op het rooster en sluit de deksel van de EGG. Laat de Beer Can Chicken ca. 1 uur garen totdat deze een kerntemperatuur heeft bereikt van 75 °C; de kerntemperatuur van kip meet je in het dijbeen met de Instant Read Thermometer.
  4. Haal de skillet met de kip uit de EGG en haal de kip van de houder om deze aan te snijden.


Wil je ook direct wat groenten in de EGG bereiden voor een complete maaltijd? Leg bijvoorbeeld wat gehalveerde krieltjes, groene asperges, partjes ui, in stukken gesneden courgette en puntpaprika in de skillet rondom de kip.

Good Times always return to the Thuishaven
join our crew

Our Thuishaven team is looking to take on go-getters in different roles who do not shy away from a challenge. Within your role you will work closely together within a diverse team in a rapidly growing company whilst striving to create memorable experiences for guests and your team alike.

Check out all vacancies on our Jobs Page!


Thuishaven is the very first craft beer bar opened by Kompaan, situated right next door to our award-winning brewery on the Binckhorst in The Hague. In this up-and-coming industrial area, we have a large terrace and also have ample seating inside. Here we proudly serve 20 fresh beers from draft accompanied by a high-end street food menu.


Come by car, come by bike, Come by boat if you want to! And dock right at our hangar door. We will fly the black flags to guide you in. Argh mateys!

The Battles Royale
tough act to follow...

The Kompaan Battles Royale is our follow-up series to the 'Secret Handshakes'.
After we completed this series, our hunger for exciting IPA's and NEIPA's was FAR from over...

Enter the Battles Royale.

our critically acclaimed hop-forward series

A new hop forward beer series embracing the superpowers of hops and bitterness. We do this by symbolizing different hop varieties as epic ocean entities roaming around in and around our 'Thuishaven' (Home port) brewery. Set in an epic battle scene bringing out the best in each other when it comes to taste experiences and freshness.

New Round Each Month

The beers in this series are divided into ROUNDS. All hop varieties are dedicated to different sea beasts and they will be making recurring appearances. Who will be the victor? And who will win the heart of our fanbase?

A new Battle Royale is released every month so keep your eyes peeled for your favorite one!

I wish you could smell this…

We’ve received a very special delivery from Yakima Chief...

Fresh Frozen Hops for an exciting new project we cannot wait to stick our nose in!!! The nose always knows. Super stocked about this one, dear hop-heads!!!

For this ultra crisp IPA we teamed up with Yakima Chief to supply us with their fresh frozen hops, straight from the Pacific Northwest. The hops are harvested and immediately frozen, after which they are immediately transported to the Netherlands. In this way it symbolizes the 36 hours of freshness after harvesting while honoring their rich agricultural roots. The flash freezing process helps retain the delicate nuances of un-kilned hops.

@Yakima Chief Cheers to sharing this unique experience with more brewers and beer drinkers everywhere!

And we then proceeded to pour 135 KILOGRAMS OF FRESH HOPS into the lauter tun! It was literally filled to the brim! This Fresh Hop IPA project is currently developing under the working title “Chilled to the Cone” IPA-lovers, this is the one to watch.

Stay tuned! We will update this page to keep you informed on further developments...
Lager tales #4: Baltic Porter

Baltic Porter - now that doesn't sound very lagery, now does it? Dark, roasty, heart warming, high ABV 8.1% beer, that is surprisingly easy drinkable! So come that this beer that looks - and sounds - a lot like the British porters, technically a lager? Well, have we got a story for you...

Let's start off with some theory. And for that we have to start with the term Porter. An old English working man's beer style that became very popular with the so-called street and river porters (carriers of stuff) of the time. And we can thank the British empire for carrying this beer style all over the world at the end of the 18th century. This wasn't particularly difficult for them since they practically owned half of the world back then,

and this fact combined with a keen business sense made it possible that porters started showing up all over the world, as well as the Baltic region. And those are some cold and dark countries, and naturally took a liking to a dark and cold beer style. "Keep 'em coming" is a much heard phrase in the Gdansk port around 1790 (true story). Technically the British porters were top-fermented and thus not really lagers. But when the Baltic brewers started copying their favorite beer style they made 'em bottom fermented, that makes it a lager, and not a porter. Also, don't confuse these with Russian imperial stouts, those are made in the nearby region as well but are also top-fermented and

drank at a much higher temperature. And now back to our own port, because that's where we make our lagers-are you still with me :)

There's a lot of ways you can go about making a Baltic porter, like adding some smoke, honey or chocolate, but we tried to copy it as good and natural as the Baltic brewers did with their version. And with 7 different kinds of malts, this is a high ABV beer that tastes like a low alcohol beer. So beware; it's only a porter by name, but a true lager by heart. Cheers!

more than meets the eye..

In 2020 we invested a serious amount of time in the development of a completely new Kompaan beer series: Four outspoken lagers designed by our brew team. All of these beers that are equally complex ánd easy to enjoy!

The Lager is a historical and beautiful beer style that’s just very underrated in the Dutch Craft Beer Landscape. So there’s a mission there! We’ve always had a lager in our Core Range beers: The Kompaan Kameraad, but now it’s time to kick it up a notch and with four new lagers on the horizon let’s see where this style will take us in 2022!

Lager Tales

In the beginning...

There's more than meets the eye with our new beer series. Follow our Lager Tales and become a Lager expert in no time!

Besides creating six super nice beers we’re also going to entertain you with all the know-how and facts and figures [either useful or not] we know about this style! There is quite literally - see what we did there - more than meets the eye with these cans, find out for yourself! By the way, did we mention that already? This is the first beer series by Kompaan that’s completely released on cans!

Lager tales #3: India Pale Lager

An India Pale… Lager?! Yep, that’s right: best of both worlds!

It’s like an IPA, but then bottom fermented and dry-hopped cold, sort of like with the Kameraad, only at even colder temperatures and with much more spicy, piney and grassy hops. Who knew messing with classics could turn out so great! Ice-cold and at just 4.7% - Bring on the sunshine!

Lager tales #2: A Märzen

The second installment of our new series “Lager Tales”is once again a classic lager style! Originally from Munich, this German style is characterized by a light amber color, malty mouthfeel and a crispy aftertaste. Brewed with more hops and a little bit higher alcohol percentage, so that it would have a longer shelf life and last until the Oktoberfest, where the Märzen would be served.

Lager tales #1: A smoked vienna lager

A gorgeous amber coloured lager with a rich and fat mouthfeel. It's just a shame it's so neglected in the modern craft beer landscape. However, this might not come as a surprise if you take a look at the science behind the Vienna Lager: First off, we've got gorgeous Vienna malts from Thomas & Fawcett in England. Vienna malts are a little darker, and kilned at much higher temperatures than the normal 65 to 85 degrees so you get a wide array of much more complex sugars than mal pilsner malts. A Vienna Lager also has a triple decoction scheme: the mash* is processed in three separate steps, where each step is boiled individually producing that a wide range of unfermentable dextrine chains* and trioses* getting a rich and toasted flavor that will follow through all the way to the end of the brew. We also adjusted the minerals and salts in our water to resemble that of Vienna, which has much more calcium than our standard water profile.

After an intense brew and at least 50 days of lagering we're very proud of this one, and we feel it's a fitting start of our 2021 lager revival tour. Cheers!

The Foreign Legion 2021
our pre order is sold out, but our beer bar will have some six packs in stock at the release party. Go get 'em, soldier!
The foreign legion 2021

Barrel aged training started early at the Kompaan headquarters in 2020. A yet unknown entity was threatening the world as we knew it. While most people remained stoic and sceptic about what was going to happen, our head brewers at Kompaan had a sense that it was going to be a tough couple of months, so they started their barrel-ageing training extra early.

And that was not for nothing, as the world as we had always known it changed completely. While a worldwide pandemic raged across the globe, a lot of people got scared, anxious or went completely mad. But not our fearless brewers. Steadfast we started working on the Kompaan Foreign Legion, which underwent their hardest training ever. Enriched with more flavour, more strength and new techniques they’re ready to cut some edge and add some thunder!

The Foreign Legion 2021
Tommy Double Barrel


“I’ll be back” is the last thing he said when he went AWOL in 2019. He’s proven himself as a fixed value and the toughest one in our Legion, and it’s a reputation he’s determined to uphold. As a long time veteran he’s the only one resilient enough to undergo a double barrel aged training and he’s more than happy to show you what he’s all about...

Johnny thunder


This wild boy is a two time Foreign Legion veteran. He’s already got an impressive track record but this smokey salty dog has returned after an intensive bourbon barrel aged training. Not for the faint of hearted, he will leave a searing impression, that’s for sure!



A little bit psychotic, paranoid and very powerful. A very dangerous combination. He’s entering our post-Corona world with utmost caution and we advise you to do the same when you approach him. You may think you know him, but you can never be sure. He didn’t get his name by being nice and easy...



Pitch Black, powerful and determined. That’s what you’re going to hear when you ask around about Mischa. Like a true snake charmer she’ll have you wrapped around her finger in no time. And there will be no mercy for those who are inadverted, as she’ll kick your ass so easily...



How far is too far? You might have heard about being overtrained, and that’s exactly what happened with this one. Black, strong and extremely powerful, this smoking Herculean legionnaire is this year’s last line of defense. You’re dead set on taking him on? We say: let’s start by taking it easy...



A classy and archetypical French Foreign Legionnaire. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore, that’s for sure. He might come across as a little stiff, but you can alway count on him to warm your heart, and that surely has something to do with a fine Hennessy Barrel Aged training.

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