Three of A Kind


Tripel – 33cl

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You, my friend, are an extraordinarily fortunate individual! Emerging victorious with this awe-inspiring hand! A powerful amalgamation of Sage, Rosemary, and Cumin, reinforced by a Kompaan hopped up kicker, can only lead to one undeniable conclusion: a winning Tripel! This exquisite fusion stands as a testament to your impeccable taste and sheer luck. Each ingredient imparts its distinct characteristics, with SAGE bestowing an earthy touch, ROSEMARY infusing an aromatic essence, and CUMIN imparting a gentle, comforting warmth. So, as you savor this triumphant Tripel, revel in the fact that fate has smiled upon you, granting you a taste sensation that is both sublime and unrivaled.

HOPS: Herkules, Idaho #7
IBU: 30,6
EBC: 11,9

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